DCC – Sea Queen Escapes OUT NOW

I just heard that Goodman Games has just published ‘The Sea Queen Escapes’ adventure for the DCC Roleplaying Game.  The adventure was written by the prolific Michael Curtis and this is the cover by Doug Kovacs:

I love the DCC adventure covers by Kovacs — they remind me of those freaky, pscho-delic fantasy book covers from the 1970s that you still sometimes see at flea markets.

I did the title page for the adventure (see below), which came out pretty well. After you open the cover, this is the first thing you see… but in the book it will have the title, credits, etc., in the white space on the top. That is one big-ass turtle… don’t fuck with the sea turtle…

I’ve had the chance to work on a couple of other really fun commissions recently… unfortunately, I don’t like to show things until the publisher gets to announce them first… so I will just have to be patient in my self promotion.

7 Comments on “DCC – Sea Queen Escapes OUT NOW”

  1. brink. says:

    Nice. Is that a flumph riding the turtle?

  2. Jason Carter says:

    Nice work, I like it!

  3. stefan says:

    Not a flumpf… but now that you mention it, it sure does look like one. In the adventure, there is some sort of a thingamajig on top of the turtle, but what it is and what it does, well, I've been sworn to secrecy.

  4. I've been digging on the DCC covers too and your turtle piece rocks as well!

  5. brink. says:

    So… Secret Flumpf. Got it.

  6. ClawCarver says:

    Great piece. Lots of different textures. I'm especially liking the waves and the turtle's shell.

    Word verification: futkyou. (Well, that's me told.)

  7. Love this cover.

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