Troglodyte 10-2014

Troglodyte 10-2014

Edit: This drawing represents me trying to do something more ‘editorial’ in nature than my usual… a drawing inspired by the recent ‘Gamergate’ thing. This troglodyte is busy doing whatever it is that people like him do in his cave while his mom is opening the basement door to ask him if he looked for a job today.

I grew up believing that a ‘troglodyte’ was just a cave-man and was surprised to find out that St. Gygax considered them lizard people who ran around throwing javelins and biting people (St. Gary’s Trogs also lived in caves so the name wasn’t a misnomer, exactly, but, still…). Does anyone else think it’s somewhat appropriate that the lizard-looking ‘troglodyte’ has ‘stench glands’ as a secret weapon?

Also, speaking of lizard people, does anyone know if David Icke ever played D&D? I’m just asking the questions, man… just asking the questions…

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  1. Web Meister says:

    Icke did play D&D. Also wigged out on national television back in the 80’s/early 90’s – he’s basically been trying to make up for it ever since. Good article btw.

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