Nazgul good press

Matt Kish, the owner of The World’s Largest collection of Nazgul Art, has added a drawing I made to his collection (link to M. Kish’s Tumblr page). Matt is the creator of this really cool Moby Dick book and various other projects (including a visual response to Heart of Darkness, one of my favorite novels ever). I’m very pleased to be a part of the collection and am happy with how the drawing came out.  Matt says very nice things about me  and The Monster Manual on his Tumblr.

nazgul color 72dpi

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  1. mikemonaco says:

    Cool. & Small world — I met him at a library-related event. Seemed like a good guy. He was drawing in a notebook and he mentioned he was going to publish his Moby Dick book, and that had plans for HoD. I made the faux pas of saying something like “oh, you know there’s this other guy who did a drawing for every page of Gravity’s Rainbow” and he kind of soured to me — some kind of bad blood between him and that other guy — but you know how artists are, all temperamental and all.

    • Stefan says:

      Annie, my partner, is a professor of English at a local university and one of her collegues is a film guy and another specializes in American Literature and they are both into Moby Dick. Annie was saying, “You should come to campus and check out this artist we are bringing to talk to the students,” and I realized that he was one of the people whose blog I had found on blogger several years before, I think just by accident.
      When he came to the University to talk about his Moby Dick project, he spoke positively about Zak Smith’s work with “Gravity’s Rainbow.” I really enjoyed Matt’s presentation; if you get the chance, attend one of his gallery talks. Very inspirational, and Matt is encouraging and outgoing; he and his wife are really good people.

      • mikemonaco says:

        Will do. I like his drawings — those hollow eyes on the skull-faced figures are right on the border between creepy and naive/childlike.

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