New Work for ‘Adventuras En La Marca Del Este’

I recently completed some work for publishers in Spain, ‘Adventuras En La Marca Del Este,’ for a new line of adventures they are publishing. These are eventually to be available in the US (and probably in English), but its great to have some more international credits to my name. I wish I had done better in high school Spanish class so I could understand more of what is going on. Google translate something that is to be desired it does leave. The title of the publication is “La Catacumba nefanda de Uztum el Maldito” which I think translates to English as, “The Nefarious Catacombs of Utzum the Evil Fucker” or something like that.

You can visit the above linked site for more details (providing you understand Spanish!) and more illustration samples. I still owe them a color painting; I will be continuing work on that this weekend. Below is one of my favorites… an old, blind alchemist working in her lab with her scribe and crooked-eyed assistant.

zenobias lab 72dpi

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  1. mikemonaco says:

    That is really cool and reminds me of the dungeon scene in El corazón del guerrero. (If you can find that on DVD or something, it is a fairly amazing Spanish film.)

  2. ClawCarver says:

    Out of idle curiosity I Google-translated some classic modules from English to Arabic to Spanish and back to English. Some survived the transition better than others:
    Major Hill Giant Steading
    Secret Slave Traders Barn
    The Mystery of Evil Marsh
    Mission to the Barrier Tops
    And Keep the Border Areas

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