Tryffyd / U-Con 2015

In what time I have, I have been working on various things that I can’t post yet… but because I want to post something, here is the current drawing of the carnivorous plant for Exquisite Corpses v2. I’m going for that 18th century Botanist’s guide look.  Click to enlarge.tryffydIn other news, I’m considering renting a table at UCon 2015 in Livonia, MI to sell art and meet people. Don’t know if I can swing it, but will at least look into the possibility. I will need to figure out ways of packaging art for easy sale and safe transportation and suppose I should look into getting one of those dongle things that plug into your phone or tablet so I can take credit cards. UCon is November 20-22nd this year.

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  1. mikemonaco says:

    Nice work.
    Good luck with the con!

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