Ererrer’s Energumenical Ossuary

ererers ossuary 72

This is something that Dieter Zimmerman developed and I drew for Goodman Games as a promotion at Gencon 2015.

Attendees could pick up a copy of this map at the Gencon booth which included rules on the back. If you collected 2 of 3 signatures of different artists and authors, you could ‘accumulate’ the different magical treasures (a magic axe, a magic ring, a spell book, etc.). Every purchase at the Goodman booth or attendance at a Goodman sponsored event (so you didn’t just have to spend money to play) allowed you to travel down the sections of hallways and if you had the selected magic items, you could defeat the different rooms (i.e.: the burglar’s ring or the spell book allowed you to pass by the locked door, the axe or the potion allowed you to defeat the beast man, etc.). The more rooms you visited, the more prizes you won.

It was kind of an interesting promotion that played much like a session of the old TSR game, “Dungeon.”

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  1. jobe says:

    oh man i wasn’t on the original game board. wah wah wah

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