The B-Sides (Work in Progress)

Marcus and Co

Decades ago, when popular music was still sold on little pressed discs of hot plastic that were ‘played’ by being spun on a spindle and ground with a needle, enterprising music impresarios would put the song that the public WANTED to buy on one side of a 45 rpm and then a song by an unknown performer or group on the other, hoping that members of the public would flip the disc over and listen to the other side and like it and increase the value and cultural cachet of that unknown musical group. The ‘back’ of the record was known as the B-Side.

The esteemed Doug Kovacs has been amusing people with his drawings of ‘The Band’ and ‘the other band’ that appear as persistent characters in his Goodman Games illustrations… Hugh the Barbarian, Shawna, etc. This is an in-progress attempt at creating a ‘band’ of my own that I was working on a while back (several of the characters are boosted from other drawings I have done for Goodman) but I don’t think they are 100% ‘there’ yet. Because they are unknowns, I’m calling them the ‘B-Siders.’

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  1. Asia Pickle says:

    I hate that I’ve never noticed, but do you typically put the same adventurers in your illustrations?

  2. verdigris says:

    .. guess the wizardling copped it ? .. or ahead of the halfling ?

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