The Cube (4 page comic)





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  1. JD Jarvis says:

    I had issues with my cubicle being “too big” for years, people lusted after so much space and questioned why I had it as I was in the art department as part of publications. “Put 3 of us in the big office up by the windows where we can get some natural light and my space can be used by another department” I said, but we weren’t important enough for windows or natural light so I kept the oversized cubicle…lucky me.

  2. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for making a super relatable work of art that helps me realize cube-life doesn’t have to be the future! I’m an art school grad working in an office too. Here’s to one day getting out of this unhealthy lifestyle! Great work.

  3. […] working on roughing out a comic sort of like “The Cube” which I did back in September. (link) I don’t really know how to “write” comics… getting the text nice and […]

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