The Cube (4 page comic)







Another panel from my autobiographical short comic, “The Cube.” It’s about work. The guy in this panel who is pressing down on my head in this panel is not a member of the KKK – he is wearing a ‘capirote’ (a pointed hood worn by people doing penance for their sins). I haven’t had time to work on it but I can still snap a quick picture and post it.



This is a little section from a page I am working on. Even though I am pretty overwhelmed right now with day job related tasks, I need to remember to make time for personal work.

Sub Attack

Dagon p2

Those lousy Krauts are gonna sink that ship!

Seven Deadly Sins (2)

chap 3 p6 p7

Here is my 2 page spread for chapter 3 of the Shaver comic. It changed a lot since I started it… I enjoyed working in the ‘seven deadly sins’ aspect as well as other little details.

Shaver Mystery!

chap 1 page 4 to 5 72dpi

Here is a 2 page spread from my ‘The Evil Underground’ comic book about the Shaver Mystery which has been a work in process since forever. This picture has it all – slaves, dero, mysterious technology, spaceships, caves, etc. Unfortunately for me, I have raised the bar a bit on this recent addition as far as illustration goes, so I will probably need to go back and redo some of the previous pages. Find out more about Shaver – the artist, author, conspiracy theorist, etc., at Richard Toronto’s Shavertron.

This two page spread (and another single page) will round out chapter 1. Chapter 2 (the basic ideas of the mystery) is more or less done (although I will redo some of it and may add some pages). Chapter three, on Palmer and the Mantong alphabet, is being penciled right now.

To see the previous versions of chapters 1 and 2, visit this page on Shavertron: The Evil Underground (work in progress)

Secret Rulers of the World!

Fletcher Hanks reveals the machinations of The Bilderburg Group!

the Bilderburg Group