Flammarion Engraving


As a youngster I was fascinated with this picture. I don’t remember where or when I first saw it, but remember that I used to draw my own versions of it… I guess I just liked the idea of a hidden and incomprehensible world beyond the veil of what we see. Plus, I have to admit, the adult me enjoys the idea of ‘reality’ as a kind of painted backdrop, behind which we find a load of gods know what.

I don’t think any of my early versions of this drawing have survived.

I’ve since discovered this illustration is called “The Flammarion Engraving.” It has a slightly weird history but you can read the wikipedia entry for yourself.

FYI on July 31st I’ll be driving down to Indianapolis to help set up Goodman’s booth for Gencon and hopefully sell some art. If you are at Gencon, stop by the booth to say hello and pick up a copy of “Mother of Toads,” The Dungeon Poster or The Hobonomicon.


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  1. allan grohe says:

    Stefan—IIRC this was the cover artwork for the Secret Language of Birthdays? ….allan.

    • Stefan says:

      Hello Allan; I don’t know that book but this engraving has been used pretty extensively in all sorts of ways. I think it’s in the public domain at this point.

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