2018 Gencon and HOBONOMICON!

art for gencon

Currently getting ready for Gencon 2018 (first weekend in August) where I will be a guest at the Goodman Games booth, selling art, books, meeting you fine people. etc. Above is some of the original art that will be coming with me for sale — there will also be black and white stuff in various sizes. In addition I will (hopefully) have copies of my “Mother of Toads” comic… (I think the delivery man tried to bring them yesterday, but Annie says our dog’s fierce barking chased him off)…

MOT cover toads

And I will be selling 11×17 posters of the ‘dungeon map’ illustration… suitable for framing or coloring… Each dungeon map print is signed and backed with a card to keep it from getting wrinkled and wrapped in plastic (although you can easily unwrap it for display or framing). Posters will be $10.00 each. What I don’t sell at Gencon will probably be sold via the web and if I make a small profit I’ll try it again with different images.

art for gencon posters

map no logo 11x17 72dpi

If all that were not enough, we will also have issue #0 of THE HOBONOMICON on sale!

Hope to see you all there!

5 Comments on “2018 Gencon and HOBONOMICON!”

  1. Allan Grohe says:


    Any chance that we’ll be able to buy a copy of stuff before GenCon?—I’d hate to miss out!


    • Stefan says:

      I’m keeping a fair stack of the posters at home and will sell them via my website after the dust of Gencon settles… but I bought a load of cardboard mailing tubes so I can send posters through the mail when I am ready (sending things rolled up isn’t my favorite but mailing an 11×17 poster flat means the shipping will cost more than the poster). The comic books haven’t arrived from the printer yet so I am reluctant to take money for them until I know I have them and they printed OK… I got an email assuring me they were in transit… and I plan to do the same with those. I didn’t sell out of the Dagon comic last year (I think I did a print run of 150 or so and brought about 100 copies to Gencon) and sold the remainder through the mail afterwards. But thanks for your interest! Will make sure you get yours!

  2. I haven’t seen much of your stuff with these bright colours before and I like it a great deal.

    • Stefan says:

      Color is its own discipline… feel like I still have a lot to learn with it. Starting out with a small pallete and then gradually working stuff in seems to work best for me.

  3. […] FYI on July 31st I’ll be driving down to Indianapolis to help set up Goodman’s booth for Gencon and hopefully sell some art. If you are at Gencon, stop by the booth to say hello and pick up a copy of “Mother of Toads,” The Dungeon Poster or The Hobonomicon. […]

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