Mother of Toads comic and Dungeon Poster for sale

Gencon 2018 is over…let the crass commercialism commence!  I’m selling the leftover posters and “Mother of Toads” comics that I have… the PayPal buttons below work for US customers only… if you live outside the US, contact me ( and we will try to work something out.

art for gencon posters


The Dungeon poster is 11×17 and ships in a cardboard tube. Each one is signed. If you bought it at Gencon, it came with a plastic sleeve and backing thin cardboard but those will not survive the tube so via mail order you just get the poster for the same price. This illustration originally appeared in ‘Dungeon Alphabet’ published by Goodman Games. Can’t combine shipping with comic books. Cost: 10.00 USD + 4.00 shipping in US.


2018 “Mother of Toads” story originally by Clark Ashton Smith, adapted to comic book by Stefan Poag (mature content warning)

“The Mother of Toads” is a comic book adaptation of the short story of the same name by Clark Ashton Smith. 16 pages BW with a color cover. There is some nudity and toad/human sex in the story – nothing x rated, maybe R rated? Digest sized (8.5×5.5 inches). 2018. Signed on the back cover by the artist. Cost: 8.00 USD + 2.00 shipping in US.

ALSO: D. Kovacs still has copies of the wondrous and miraculous “HOBONOMICON” available via his online shop! Art by Doug and me, words and concepts by Wayne Snyder, James MacGeorge, Jarret Crader and others! Can you escape from Planet Punjar? Want to read the first DCC Comic, “Death of a Reaver”? What happens when you smoke too much Klartesh? This is issue #0… more issues on the way. Get your copy today! CLICK HERE!


“…Not all who wander give a fuck about where they end up.”


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