“nobody tells me what to do”

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Above is a “mixed media” drawing of the “Warduke” character done in ink, graphite and colored pencil on toned paper (still a work in progress… there are a few things I would still like to fix). I am drawing this for a charity auction called “The Auction of Many Things” being held in L.A. on March 2nd — check the link for more details. The artwork is framed and 9×12 — all proceeds going to help health expenses for some of the creators of games like D&D. I would have liked to have done something a little bigger and a little more original, but I did not find out about the event until just moments before the deadline.

The title, “Nobody tells me what to do,” is a reference to the mentality I think that I and many of my friends initially had when we started playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. We were immature, powerless, snot-nosed kids who enjoyed the fantasy of becoming feared and deadly warriors or wizards… but when we sat down at the table to play, we slowly discovered that unless all of the players agreed to play together, the game itself fell apart. When I look at the world and all of the harm that comes from excessively aggressive people attempting to force their wills upon others, I find myself wishing that more people in the world had learned that lesson.

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  1. allan grohe says:

    A very nice sentiment, Stefan!


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