Warduke (again)

warduke final

I know everyone is probably sick of Warduke by now. I you read yesterday’s blog entry, you saw that I was working on an artwork for the charity “Auction of Many Things.” Well, the more I worked on it, the less satisfied I became — it just wasn’t hitting the right look in my opinion. So I did it again… above is the result. This is a bit of a departure from what I usually do — but like most artists, I try to experiment religiously. It will be shipping out today.

If you are in LA on March 2nd, check out The Auction of Many Things. This charity event benefits some of the elders of the fantasy/gaming scene (some of whom have health issues and need a little financial assistance with medical bills) and is being sponsored by Titmouse Inc, The Murder Hobos, Wizards D&D, and Gary Con. There is going to be a ton of artwork there — much of it by scene heavyweights like Skinner, Alex Pardee, Benjamin Marra and others. My little drawing (about 9×12 in size, framed) will also be there, too (sadly, however, I will not).

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