Goodman Preview from Garycon

Jeff has posted some pics and stuff from Garycon (which was this past weekend) on his game blog (check it out here). I wasn’t able to attend (damn you poverty!) so I appreciate the peek. He picked up a lot of flyers with art and stuff and was kind enough to scan and post.

Shameless bit of self promotion: the drawing at the bottom of the B&W flyer for Goodman’s DCC RPG at right is by me! (it has a wizard translating runes in an ancient ruin while his scribe scribbles notes and a group of mercenaries while away the time with gambling (or maybe they are playing the DCC RPG!)). I’m pleased to see it included (one reason being that I have a couple of pieces in the upcoming game that I would love to show off but feel I should give Goodman the right to show them first). But I am also just overwhelmed with the peek at some of the other art included on the page! WOW! I cannot wait to see this book! And I’m just busting with eagerness to show off some of the drawings that I did for it, so having this flyer go public lets me show off some of the work I did without bigfooting Goodman’s publicity.

But as much as I like to boast about what I did, I’m just blown away by the contributions of the other artists as I finally get to see some of them! That drawing in the middle (Lokerimon the Lawful?) is obviously supposed to be a companion piece to D.A.T.’s iconic “Emirkol The Chaotic” drawing in the 1e DMG, and Mullen’s picture of a wizard’s battle (where one of the participants appears to be giant sized) is just blowing me away… but Peter Mullen is one of my art heroes. I’m not sure I can identify the other artists in this flyer. One of the DCC’s previous flyers included a drawing by the late Jim Roslof… so there is that to look forward to as well. Plus there is just so much more to see. I can’t wait!

There are also some pictures of the color covers for DCC products on Jeff’s blog well worth checking out. I’m not going try to cop all of Jeff’s thunder by re- posting every picture from his blog here; I am just excited and eager to see this game come out!

3 Comments on “Goodman Preview from Garycon”

  1. Jeff Rients says:

    Hey! That's a good lookin' piece!

  2. Awesome work! I'm looking forward to this one. It is going to be beautiful for sure.

  3. migellito says:

    I thought that looked like your work! Nicely done šŸ™‚ Agreed about the other art as well, it's all going in a great direction.

    Plus, poverty.. yeah, I hear you. :/

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