One of my dreams is to have an entire album just of covers of ‘Mongoloid.’
It should include these:



and, I suppose, it should include:

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  1. JDJarvis says:

    I totally F'n love that song. I once heard co-workers arguing about how distasteful the song was and I broke up the fight pointing out “hey he wears a hat, he has a job and he brings home the bacon the song isn't making fun of mongoloids , now let me get back to drawing duckies and kitties.”

  2. I've been a Devo fan for years. I saw them in concert back in 1980 here in Australia. I had no idea that there were covers of Mongoloid. Thanks, I look forward to listening to each of these.

  3. Roger the GS says:

    Mothersbaugh also did an easy-listening instrumental version at one point.

  4. Zak S says:

    Always loved the original and Sepultura but never heard the others before–
    That Jennifer Rostock is pure HexenKraften! I'm in love.

  5. Zak S says:

    I guess she's continuing the tradition of Devo and post-Max-Cavalera-Sepultura of having “Mongoloid” be by -far- her best song.

  6. limpey says:

    Although I love the original, the Millions version never fails to please me. The Dozer version seriously rocks too.

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