Let’s smoke some drugs and paint pictures


I guess I am hereby officially available to paint that cover for the prog-rock album you have been working on in your spare time.

Voyage of the Stag Party

Ok, this is the first time I contributed artwork to an adventure that is packaged with a record album. I’ve had artwork published on a record album (and a CD) and I’ve had my art published on the cover of an adventure, but ‘Voyage of the Stag Party’ means you buy a record album and get an adventure with it (or maybe you buy an adventure and get a 7 inch record — it’s 1978 all over again!).  And, yes, when they say ‘record album’ they mean a black vinyl thing.

The artist is Sybaris. The record and tour are all about their favorite beer brewed by Three Floyds Brewery. Learn more here. It releases April 5th where there will be music and beer and dicerollin’… I wish I was going… so if you are in Chicagoland, check it out.  Details in link above.

Next, I’d really like my art published on a picture disc.

"Stand and Deliver!"

What if the parody of a song is better than the song it emulates?  Like this one:

I don’t know who the intended audience of ‘Horrible Histories’ are; are they old enough to have even heard of Adam and the Ants?  What happened to Adam Ant, anyway?  Last time I remember seeing him, he was shilling Zima and Honda scooters.

Raise your hand if you thought ‘Adam Ant’ was a reference to the metal that Drow swords were made from rather than a synonym for ‘determined.’

Check The Crou

I’m tired and busy, so only have enough energy for an embed:

Check out the grotty-ass-breath teeth on King Ju!

Rappin’ w/ Aleksandr Nevsky!

More of the Stupeflip maddness from France … with a dollop of Eisenstein’s Nevsky in the mix —

Music and Salesmanship

Anyone else remember those pictures of Boris Yeltsin doing ‘The Funky Chicken?’ I can’t decide whether I like Boris more or less after seeing them — sort of the same feeling I got when watching our former President, George W. Bush, funk out with African drummers on the Whitehouse lawn.

Michelle Bachmann recently got taken to task by musician Tom Petty because her crew used his song, “American Girl,’ at one of her rallies. I’m not that familiar with Petty’s “American Girl” pop anthem, but, if memory serves, it’s lyrics might be a bit at odds with Bachmann’s Bible Beater values (something about “making it last all night” makes me think Petty’s American Girl is a bit of a libertine). But I guess since the song has ‘American’ in it, her team feels this gives it relevance. Plus Petty is probably popular with a demographic that doesn’t find much traction in her bible-thumpin’ ways. Anything to appear hip, I guess. But this is apparently just one of a growing number of cases in which a pop star has said to a political candidate, “Hey, stop using my song!”

I remember being a bit taken aback when I heard “London Calling” by the Clash being used to sell Jaguar cars on TV. The context in which I first heard that song seemed greatly at odds with the idea of a luxury automobile. As I recall, the ad just had a few strident guitar riffs and Joe Strummer barking out, “London Calling” and leaving out all those depressing lyrics about the end of the world… perhaps the admen thought that maybe the American ex-punker who had given up on revolution and gotten a career and was now rolling in it would feel the siren song of the half remembered dreams of his former self and head on down to the dealership and buy a really expensive car without really stopping to think about it. Devo as pitchmen for Honda scooters seemed a much better fit.

The world is just getting so fucking weird. Guy DeBord had no idea how right he was.

Gil Scott-Heron: Dead at 62

I read today that the poet, musician, philosopher, agitator, voice of public conscience and writer, Gil Scott-Heron, died last night in Harlem at age 62.

He first came to my attention via sound clips of ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’ that showed up in the scratch and dub music I was starting to listen to back in the early to mid 1980s (the age of Reagan). I later discovered that there was a whole poem rather thasn just the sound snippets I had been treated to.

When I first heard snippeds of his gravelly voice interwoved with other tracks by the DJ, I’m sure that “62” would have seemed an incredibly advanced age to my (then) young self. But 62 seems so young today.

World Destruction

I loved this song back in the day. The video is a bit cheesy (with Johnny Lydon “going big” for the camera — but his lack of subtlety is a part of his charm).


One of my dreams is to have an entire album just of covers of ‘Mongoloid.’
It should include these:



and, I suppose, it should include:

Moorlocks attack!

Roger the GS mentioned Grimlocks over at Roles, Rules and Rolls. I love the old circa 1960 movie of Well’s “Time Machine” with the blue morlocks and their too perfect hair… it really gave me the creeps when I saw it back in the 1970s (probably on the local network back in St. Louis which showed a lot of horror and sci-fi movies). I barely remember the 2002 version of the same story, although I love the way the moorlocks lope along the tunnels in the above clip.

Original movie clip is below: