Updates for Khunmar / other work

I’m still thinking / working on the new version of Exquisite Corpses; the entire concept/layout has changed several times in the course of the past 2 months and I need a bit of time to stew it over.

A while back I did a few illustrations for ‘Mines of Khunmar.’ I was thinking of doing a 1/2 pager to introduce each level, but that is probably too much work for a freebie. Perhaps after I win the lottery. See some previews below.

Meanwhile, I have more work for another client coming up, but that’s all I can say for right now.

Below is a picture for level 1b (which I believe is just east of level 1; I don’t think this level appeared in the free preview pdf I released a few years ago). It looks like the party’s torchbearer is finding out that the Vargouille’s bite is worse than it’s bark. I’m not sure if ‘Vargouille’ is released under the OGL and if I need to make a subsitution or create an ‘offbrand’ version. I haven’t decided what kind of compatibility the public version of Khunmar will have when and if I ever finish it.

This (below) is level 1a (just north of level 1)… an abandoned mine filled with challenges (getting in is supposed to be hard; getting out alive is supposed to be harder). The ‘giga snails’ are not particularly fast moving, but probably well beyond the capacity of a lower level party; hopefully the party can keep moving and not get caught in a dead end passage. But once your 1st level PC is underneath the snail, it’s probably time to roll up a new one.
This is level 1 — the entrance to the kobold caves. My only regret is that I made the kobolds about 2x the size they ought to have been… I dunno if I can fix that or not. The challenge is getting across the bridge alive — the bridge is defended by spearmen and archers on the kobold side. Hopefully that magic user brought a ‘sleep’ spell along.

9 Comments on “Updates for Khunmar / other work”

  1. baronzemo says:

    Looks great as normal!

  2. kelvingreen says:

    The vargouille appears in Pathfinder and is part of the d20 SRD, so I'd guess it's open content.

  3. James says:

    “but that is probably too much work for a freebie.”

    Not to get all up in your business, but have you considered making this a for-pay project? The MoK always gets a lot of respect, whenever it's mentioned. I'd pay for a spruced up copy and I'd bet others would, as well.

    Not that I'm complaining at the thought of a freebie… šŸ™‚

  4. temujin9 says:

    If you're worried about intellectual property, you can always call it a Penanggalen instead. Answer courtesy of GURPS Blood Types, which is kind enough not to file the serial numbers off old myths as it's repurposing them.

  5. Love your art man, you rock!

  6. Awesome work!!

  7. limpey says:

    The level of work needed to get “Exquisite Corpses” v2 done is kicking my ass — I'm considering a freebie because whenever anyone points out a flaw, I can say, “Well, whattaya want for free?”
    I'm still on the fence, though, and might just Lulu it in the end… we shall see. There's lots more in life in front of it before I have to make a hard decision in any case.

  8. ClawCarver says:

    Wait! What? There are MORE levels to Khunmar? Blinking heck. Sometimes I lay out all the maps on the floor (I have to move my furniture) and my brain boggles at the immensity of it.

    Nice pics, by the way. I especially like mirror-image juxtaposition of the characters running towards and away from the snail. You and Holloway aside, there just isn't enough freaking out and running away in RPG art.

  9. postgygaxian says:

    So I guess you're a professional artist. I really like the style of those drawings. I think I need to link your blog.

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