Drawing-a-Day 2012

Like most good ideas, I stole this one from someone else (Theo Ellsworth at Thoughtcloud Factory News).  Like Theo, I will be making a drawing (or trying to remember to make at least 1 drawing) per day in my “sketchbook diary.”  I’ve been doing a lot of drawings for other people lately and the emphasis for this sketchbook will just be on drawing whatever I want, keeping the eye and brain entertained and doodling out my stray thoughts and daydreams. I’ve always wanted to keep a journal but never managed to stick with it; hopefully this one will stick.

For the 1st day of 2012, I drew a space-man on the moon (top half of page) and for the 2nd day of 2012 I drew the aliens that lived underground and are rolling their eyes at the earthman who claims to have ‘discovered’ their planet/moon I guess:

For days 3, 4 and 5 I did the following:

Beneath the guy getting shot through the chest will go the drawing for 1/6/2012 and so on.  I’d like to try for at least a 1/2 page per day — or more — and give myself the option of either continuing the drawing from an adjoining space (like the man from today is getting shot by the Voltaman I drew on 1/3/2012) or starting something new or just doodling randomly.

3 Comments on “Drawing-a-Day 2012”

  1. Geoffrey McKinney says:

    I’ve long lamented that I do not draw well. Perhaps I should do a drawing a day, and perhaps by the end of the year my drawings will be better.

  2. christian says:

    This sounds like a great project. Best of luck with it!

  3. limpey says:

    Geoffrey: I’m no expert on talent or what does or does not make a “good” drawing (I have my opinions, but don’t expect other people to share them), but I find drawing to be a lot of fun, which makes continuing to work at it (usually) a pleasure. When I have taken it too seriously, or looked at drawings from ‘the masters’ and regretted my own pencil scratchings in comparison, I have gotten discouraged… but I try to remember it as a process rather than a product.

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