Brave Dungeoneers

Halloween… so it’s time for people to go to haunted houses.  I found these pictures on the web of people visiting a haunted house in Niagara, Canada. I wish some enterprising photoshop jockey would substitute dank stone walls for the wallpaper and dress the people up in armor, helmets, bacpacks, etc., and add torches, pointy hats, coils of rope and all the other impedimentia of dungeoneering, so these could be ‘monster eye views’ of ‘moments before the TPK.’

The guy in the yellow shirt perhaps thinks that they are being attacked by a basilisk and has closed his eyes. The young girl’s strategy of coiling herself around her mother will get them both killed.
These dudes are all squeezing together in a clump that is as tight as possible.  Rookie mistake. One breath from the hell hound will take them all out.
Not heroic, but running seems like a solid plan.
The man looks like he is trying to draw his sword or dagger.  Unfortunately, having his date grab his arm like that is going to cause at least a -3 on his initial attack.

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  1. Hilarious! This post had me cracking up out loud!

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