Voyage of the Stag Party

Ok, this is the first time I contributed artwork to an adventure that is packaged with a record album. I’ve had artwork published on a record album (and a CD) and I’ve had my art published on the cover of an adventure, but ‘Voyage of the Stag Party’ means you buy a record album and get an adventure with it (or maybe you buy an adventure and get a 7 inch record — it’s 1978 all over again!).  And, yes, when they say ‘record album’ they mean a black vinyl thing.

The artist is Sybaris. The record and tour are all about their favorite beer brewed by Three Floyds Brewery. Learn more here. It releases April 5th where there will be music and beer and dicerollin’… I wish I was going… so if you are in Chicagoland, check it out.  Details in link above.

Next, I’d really like my art published on a picture disc.

5 Comments on “Voyage of the Stag Party”

  1. Do you remember when they'd put story records on the back of cereal boxes?

    Fun stuff!

  2. stefan says:

    I remember a spooky house record stuck on the back of a box of Count Chocula. I also remember flexible records printed on a sheet of plastic that came inside magazines. Someone ought to bring that technology back.

  3. Jeremy Deram says:

    I had a square record from McDonalds that had the super bowl shuffle on it ('85 Bears).

  4. Legion says:

    Any idea if this will be available to order by mail?

    Your illo and that blurb make me want it.

    No joy from the Sybaris blog site.


  5. stefan says:

    Please send your email and request to sbpoag(at)gmail(dot)cawm and I will forward it to my contact.

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