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p14 p15 full scan 72dpi

Here is another 2 page spread for the Shaver book that I was working on a little over a week ago and just recently scanned… this is from chapter 2 or 3 and is intended to illustrate the horrors of the Dero as imagined by Shaver — I think after the editors at Amazing Stories got done with them, the sexual sadism was more implied rather than explicit. But I wanted to try to tell this story as Richard Shaver saw it, so the nasty stuff stays in.

I’ve been away for almost 10 days and it is good to be back. While visiting family and friends, I had the opportunity to try to describe this project and I found getting people to understand why I thought the Shaver story was interesting was easier now than it used to be — I think working on editing the comic and going over the source material I have been reading/looking at really helped solidify it in my mind and made explaining it easier.

Next I need to do some more Goodman work. Unfortunately, because of dayjob issues, I just figured out that I will not be attending Gencon this year. I was supposed to be a guest of Goodman, but maybe next year.

More Shaver work-in-progress


Another view of a 2 page spread for the Shaver book. This is from Chapter 4 and describes how shaver made his paintings… with technical info on his process (at least, as I understand it) and my reproductions/interpretations (in B&W) of some of his works.

I think this is the most text-heavy set of pages I have ever done.

Seven Deadly Sins (2)

chap 3 p6 p7

Here is my 2 page spread for chapter 3 of the Shaver comic. It changed a lot since I started it… I enjoyed working in the ‘seven deadly sins’ aspect as well as other little details.

seven deadly sins


Another 2 pager in process for the Shaver Mystery comic. Somehow the seven deadly sins worked their way into this one – go figure.

i’ve been experimenting with different methods of doing the text/drawing thing… Currently I start by having a general outline of what I want in my head, then putting in the text, then drawing in around it which is, I understand, probably the exact opposite of the way I should be doing it, but it is working well for me so far.


Shaver Mystery!

chap 1 page 4 to 5 72dpi

Here is a 2 page spread from my ‘The Evil Underground’ comic book about the Shaver Mystery which has been a work in process since forever. This picture has it all – slaves, dero, mysterious technology, spaceships, caves, etc. Unfortunately for me, I have raised the bar a bit on this recent addition as far as illustration goes, so I will probably need to go back and redo some of the previous pages. Find out more about Shaver – the artist, author, conspiracy theorist, etc., at Richard Toronto’s Shavertron.

This two page spread (and another single page) will round out chapter 1. Chapter 2 (the basic ideas of the mystery) is more or less done (although I will redo some of it and may add some pages). Chapter three, on Palmer and the Mantong alphabet, is being penciled right now.

To see the previous versions of chapters 1 and 2, visit this page on Shavertron: The Evil Underground (work in progress)

“The Evil Underground: Chapter 2” (slightly nsfw)

Longtime followers of the blog may remember when I presented chapter 1 of a biographical comic book I was working on about the life of Richard S. Shaver (artist, conspiracy theorist, author, paleo-archeologist, philologist and philosopher).  If you haven’t yet read it, go back and read chapter 1 before you read chapter 2.

You can click on each page, below, to see a bigger version.

I’m writing the chapters as I go (which may or may not be the best way of going about this; I don’t know).  The story is ‘true’ (at least from the narrator’s point of view; objective truth or whether or not Shaver was psycho are not my interest).  The next chapter will probably involve Raymond Arnold Palmer and the famous “Mantong” letter.

At the current rate of production, I should have the whole thing done sometime around 2020 or so (sigh). Actually, I hope to have it done sooner, but every project I currently have on the workbench is unfinished and I’m getting a bit psycho feeling over not getting any single one done.  Evil Underground/Richard Shaver Comic will come out sometime after I finish ‘Exquisite Corpses’ v2… which should be sometime early next year (I hope).

Ungi (2011)

Months ago I finished this ink drawing of an ‘ungi’ and never got around to looking at it or scanning it until now. This is a creature Richard Shaver described as having lived on Venus at some time in the distant past in the story, “Gods of Venus” in the March 1948 issue of Amazing Stories.

If I remember right, the ungi was described as a predator with rubbery skin, a bloated body, flexible legs and a mean disposition. The feet were said to be hairy and able to ‘grip things like a fly’ — which somehow made me imagine them being like hairy suction cups. My drawing was based on the drawings from the original story by an illustrator named Rod Ruth. I don’t know much about Ruth other than that he did a lot of illustrations for Amazing Stories and similar magazines that I like a great deal.