madhouse meet v1 p

This was a sketch that was not approved by the client (they preferred another version) but I liked it so I finished it anyway.

DCC RPG 4th Printing out (PDF)

have you found the hidden message 72

I just got notice that the new 4th printing of the DCC RPG rule book is out on RPGNOW as an electronic edition – the print version will be out later this year. Lots of new art in the book by me, Doug Kovacs plus work by Peter Mullen, Brad McDevit, Erol Otus, Jim Holloway, Friedrich Haas, Russ Nicholson, William McAusland, etc. I’m honored to have my work in such great company.

The 4th printing is 100% backwards compatible with 3rd printing, etc., and differs only in MORE new artwork, some tables and reference materials at the back, a new adventure by Harley Stroh, etc.

abbot of the woods 72dpi

Sky Pirates of the Purple Planet

final  72dpi sky pirates v1

Avalanche Lords (Goodman, 2015)

avalanche Lords p3 confrontation 72dpi

Just in time for the holidays, Goodman Games is releasing ‘Advent of the Avalanche Lords’ for DCC. You can order it here: RPG NOW or read more here: Avalanche Lords. The above illustration is one I did for the interior. Santa is pissed off at these evil hippies and is thus going to blast them to bits. Written by Tim Callahan and beautiful cover art and interiors/maps by Doug Kovacs.


dungeoneer 72dpi

What is in the pit?


More plugs from our shameless commerce division: Goodman Game’s Holiday adventure, ‘Advent of the Avalanche Lords,’ by Tim Callahan is out today: Official Goodman Announcement. Cover by the most excellent D. Kovacs featuring  ‘heat mistress’ and bad elf riding an abominable snow bear and some BW stuff by me inside, including the below ‘splash’ page (the title and credits go in the upper LH corner). avalanche Lords p1 frontpiece 72dpi

References to 70s era X-mas TV specials abound in this book, but these pass over my head because I was deprived as a child and my mother declared a war on Chri$tma$ long before it was fashionable to do so (explanation: Germans of her generation think ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ is for suckers).

Fifty Fantastic Functions for the d50

Another announcement from the shameless commerce division: The Goodman Games / Lou Zocchi ‘Fifty Fantastic Functions For the D50‘ kickstarter is live. I did the cover art and some of the insides — also work by all of the usual Goodman Games suspects. Pledging can get you the book and/or a d50 depending on how many $$$ you want to throw into the bucket.
Here is one of my 2 page spreads from the book (click to enlarge):
faces in a crowd 72dpi 2 page spread
In other Goodman news, the DCC 4th printing Kickstarter finished yesterday — very successful! I’m looking forward to seeing that in print.

Kickstarter Update!

those natives finally caught up with him.

backers page serving suggestion 72 dpi (2)

Someone just wrote me to tell me that Goodman’s 4th printing Kickstarter update is all about ME today… well, not all about me… but my name comes up more than once. The above pages are special ‘backer’ pages I illustrated for the new printing. People who pledge for the kickstarter will get their names printed on the tombstones and shield up above.

I was thinking of Klaus Kinski’s character in the Herzog film, “Aguirre, the wrath of God,” when I drew that skeleton. The skeleton is all stuck with arrows; I guess those natives finally caught up with him.

City Life

p44 72 dpi 998 conclave

Wizard Duel

Here is a recent comission I completed for Goodman. The book in the lower RH corner and the cabinet in the upper LH corner have space for type.

wizards label 72l