Goodman DCC Art Previews

I just got a package from Goodman Games with my artist complementary copies of some of the adventures I have been working on, so, since these things are shipping I guess I can let you have a peek behind the curtain.  All three of the below pics are “title page” illos — they are not the cover, but are the first page you see after you open the cover and list the author, artists, etc.  For more info on Goodman DCC Adventures, go here.  These pics are from People of the Pit, Doom of the Savage Kings and Sailors on the Starless Sea.

2 Comments on “Goodman DCC Art Previews”

  1. baronzemo says:

    SWEEEET!! Looks great as normal.

  2. Il Male™ says:

    Looks like every time you slay someone in DCC something awful gets out and stab you in the face.. Beautiful and vicious as usual, really evocative and cool!

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