More Shaver work-in-progress


Another view of a 2 page spread for the Shaver book. This is from Chapter 4 and describes how shaver made his paintings… with technical info on his process (at least, as I understand it) and my reproductions/interpretations (in B&W) of some of his works.

I think this is the most text-heavy set of pages I have ever done.

Recent Work

MCC RPG T Shirt 2 final image traced.tif

I haven’t been able to keep up with updates for the web page — so here is a recently finished t-shirt design for Goodman Games’ “Mutant Crawl Classics” based on a concept from MCC’s creator, Jim Wampler. I think it will be available on a t-shirt come Gen-Con, and it might also be used for a ‘leather edition’ book cover.

More Shaverology


Work continues on the Richard Shaver comic. This is a pencil for a 2 page spread from chapter 4. It is an explanation of how Shaver made his rokfogo paintings…at least as I understand the process. This is the most text heavy/information dense part of the book (so far).

Seven Deadly Sins (2)

chap 3 p6 p7

Here is my 2 page spread for chapter 3 of the Shaver comic. It changed a lot since I started it… I enjoyed working in the ‘seven deadly sins’ aspect as well as other little details.

seven deadly sins


Another 2 pager in process for the Shaver Mystery comic. Somehow the seven deadly sins worked their way into this one – go figure.

i’ve been experimenting with different methods of doing the text/drawing thing… Currently I start by having a general outline of what I want in my head, then putting in the text, then drawing in around it which is, I understand, probably the exact opposite of the way I should be doing it, but it is working well for me so far.


Star Cruiser

ythonian liche captain ship 72

Let’s smoke some drugs and paint pictures


I guess I am hereby officially available to paint that cover for the prog-rock album you have been working on in your spare time.

Work in Progress (spelunker)


Part of a bigger drawing currently in process for Goodman. This dude from a post apocalyptic future has seen something AMAZING (and kinda scary) as he goes shimmying down a rope into the darkness below. Stay tuned to find out what the wastelander saw!


madhouse meet v3 final 72dpi

Another recent one for Goodman Games; look for it at your local game and comic book store on Free RPG day on June 18, 2016. The subject is Fritz Lieber’s “City of Lankhmar.”  The space in the upper LH corner is for text/title.


The B-Sides (Work in Progress)

Marcus and Co

Decades ago, when popular music was still sold on little pressed discs of hot plastic that were ‘played’ by being spun on a spindle and ground with a needle, enterprising music impresarios would put the song that the public WANTED to buy on one side of a 45 rpm and then a song by an unknown performer or group on the other, hoping that members of the public would flip the disc over and listen to the other side and like it and increase the value and cultural cachet of that unknown musical group. The ‘back’ of the record was known as the B-Side.

The esteemed Doug Kovacs has been amusing people with his drawings of ‘The Band’ and ‘the other band’ that appear as persistent characters in his Goodman Games illustrations… Hugh the Barbarian, Shawna, etc. This is an in-progress attempt at creating a ‘band’ of my own that I was working on a while back (several of the characters are boosted from other drawings I have done for Goodman) but I don’t think they are 100% ‘there’ yet. Because they are unknowns, I’m calling them the ‘B-Siders.’