New Mosaics

Here are a few more of my new mosaic projects:

2 New Beholders

I’ve had some commissions on the drawing board lately; first up is an illustration of a group of dudes about to get wasted by a beholder, in pen and ink:

This is a pencil sketch I did beforehand.  As you can see, there were some changes (click image to make bigger):

I’m also working on some other stuff, including one of a more gonzo take on the same thing.  This one is probably for my own wall.  Work in progress — please excuse the shitty photo.  Sucks to be Mr. Fighter man who has just gotten his torso erased.  Dwarf is stoned and Wizard is getting his chest blown open with a lightning bolt.  R.I.P.

EDIT: To answer someone’s question, I posted back in May that I was thinking about doing my own version of a picture that was done by the official Wizards of the Coast artists.  The ones done by Wizards featured some of their standard ‘iconic’ characters fighting a beholder.  This one (below) is my version of that picture with my own ‘iconic’ characters including Mr. Dwarf who looks like a garden gnome.

Welcome to Carcosa!

A while back I admired the Longmore illustration for LotFP’s ‘Carcosa‘ and promised to post a few illustrations I drew for Carcosa.  There is nothing official about these pictures; I just did them for my own purposes… and they were not made as anything other than to satisfy my own vaguely ‘sword and planet’ illustrations urge… they could just as easily be from Aldeboran or somewhere else.

No children were harmed in order to produce these pictures.

First up: A group of  “Carcossan” adventurers.

The dude who looks like ‘Alley Oop’ has both a pistol he stole from Buck Rogers and a bow and arrows while the other guy has binocular specs.

Note the henchman in goofy helmet bringing up the rear.

Second: Snakelady

Somebody bought the nonexclusive rights to use the ‘snakelady’ for a book that, as far as I know, hasn’t been published yet.

In this situation, I’d choose the pistol over the sword, too.

3rd:  “Gug” attacks and people die.

4th: She’s gonna shoot that flying worm right out of the sky.


Adventurers and BEM Lurker

Just finished this private commission today.  The client gave me great latitude with subject matter, but wanted a group of ‘dungeoneers’ in peril.

The Stars are Right!

Cthulhu attacks a shipThe People have Spoken!
On my old blog, I had a “what is your favorite apocalypse scenario?” poll, and, out of 48 votes, ‘The Stars are right’ got the most votes (9 votes, or 18%). Coming in 2nd was ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ (8 votes), and, in 3rd place, ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ (7 votes).
All hail our tentacled Overlord!
The Numbers:
Zombie apocalypse: 7 (14%Overpopulation + climate degredation = Soylent Green: 2 (4%)
Nuclear holocaust was good enough for dad; it’s good enough for me!: 8 (16%)
Rapture! (not the Blondie song):0 (0%)
Mayan Calendar says so: 3 (6%)
plague!: 4 (8%)
Triffids / Apes / Sleestaks / etc.: 6 (12%)
Space Invaders: 2 (4%)
enuui and/or market forces: 2 (4%)
Environmental collapse: 1 (2%)
Meteor / Sun goes Nova: 1 (2%)
The Stars are right! The old ones awaken!: 9 (18%)
other (please explain in comments): 3 (6%)

Votes total: 48

More Y.A. art

Here are 2 maore images I have been working on as illustrations for a ‘young adult’ fantasy novel involving flying ships that my S.O. is writing. I don’t know if the drawings will interest any publishers or not, but Annie (my s.o.) and I have been collaborating on these drawings for a while now (we talk, I draw, we talk some more, I redraw). Annie says the drawings have helped her ‘visualize’ the story a little more clearly. It’s been an interesting and challenging experience thus far.

The top picture is a floating ‘school in the sky’ which is protected by a ‘bubble’ and a large set of gates. I drew it before, but this version is improved a bit and includes the bubble/gates. The gates figure into the story so I needed to include them.

The second is one of my few forays into watercolor and pictures one of the flying ships. I’m pretty happy with the ship but think my watercolor technique needs work — especially with the clouds. Unfortunately, with watercolor, once you paint it, it is there — no ‘white out’ and very limited overpainting seem to be the rule.

I don’t know when I will get time to do more watercolor; maybe this winter?

More (somewhat) Recent Work

This is a mosaic floor I made for a non profit in Saint Louis, MO named BWorks. The floor measures 6 foot square and the bees and hexagons are symbolic of their mission.

Illustration for the DCC RPG. I’m limiting myself to displaying the images that Goodman has already shown the public; there will be more pictures in the book coming out later in 2011.

These two pictures are ‘marginalia’ for the Halfling class and fit around the text like a border in the DCC book.

In the DCC RPG, spell casters can make deals with powerful demons, etc., for more power.

Tomb raiders from the DCC RPG. They have not yet noticed the scorpions creeping up behind the sarcophagus they are attempting to despoil.

More Artworks

Floating Cities, adventures underground, etc.

I’ve been doing some illustration work for a book being written by someone I know; a young adult novel that includes a floating city, flying ships, etc. Here is one of the drawings I did that the author likes a great deal (a floating school / city). It’s not 100% there yet, but it is on its way.
In addition, I’ve been working in the garden pretty much non-stop from spring. We have a fairly large plot this year with cucumbers, peppers, squash, corn, collard greens, beets, chard and other things that do well in Michigan. In the spring I had to build an 8 foot tall fence to keep the deer out. The lettuce is finished (but was surprisingly long lasting). Here is some of one days harvest — what we can’t eat gets preserved or frozen.

Finally, a shout out to Chris Cilla; a comic book artist whose work I recently discovered and enjoy. I got a copy of his book, “The Heavy Hand,” and, although I haven’t had a chance to read it, my first peeks have me excited to do so. “The Heavy Hand” seems to be about two groups of researchers studying the critters who live in a cave and a hapless character named Alvin who wanders into their midst.

Updates for Khunmar / other work

I’m still thinking / working on the new version of Exquisite Corpses; the entire concept/layout has changed several times in the course of the past 2 months and I need a bit of time to stew it over.

A while back I did a few illustrations for ‘Mines of Khunmar.’ I was thinking of doing a 1/2 pager to introduce each level, but that is probably too much work for a freebie. Perhaps after I win the lottery. See some previews below.

Meanwhile, I have more work for another client coming up, but that’s all I can say for right now.

Below is a picture for level 1b (which I believe is just east of level 1; I don’t think this level appeared in the free preview pdf I released a few years ago). It looks like the party’s torchbearer is finding out that the Vargouille’s bite is worse than it’s bark. I’m not sure if ‘Vargouille’ is released under the OGL and if I need to make a subsitution or create an ‘offbrand’ version. I haven’t decided what kind of compatibility the public version of Khunmar will have when and if I ever finish it.

This (below) is level 1a (just north of level 1)… an abandoned mine filled with challenges (getting in is supposed to be hard; getting out alive is supposed to be harder). The ‘giga snails’ are not particularly fast moving, but probably well beyond the capacity of a lower level party; hopefully the party can keep moving and not get caught in a dead end passage. But once your 1st level PC is underneath the snail, it’s probably time to roll up a new one.
This is level 1 — the entrance to the kobold caves. My only regret is that I made the kobolds about 2x the size they ought to have been… I dunno if I can fix that or not. The challenge is getting across the bridge alive — the bridge is defended by spearmen and archers on the kobold side. Hopefully that magic user brought a ‘sleep’ spell along.